Common Reasons Auto Accident Claims Go To Trial

While the majority of auto accident cases are settled outside of the courtroom because both sides are able to come to an agreement on a settlement amount, there are some instances when your attorney may need to take your particular case to court in order to recover the full amount of damages that you are owed. Therefore, it is important that you work with an accident attorney who is ready to go to trial should the time come.

Can An Employer Fire You Over Social Media Posts?

You may have just started a new job or perhaps you have been at your current job for a while and now enjoy posting on your favorite social media platforms. You might have heard that this could potentially get you into trouble at work and wonder if your employer could fire you for posting on social media. If they have, what can you do about it? While you do have some privacy rights when it comes to posting on social media, it is possible that your employer has been checking your accounts to see what you are posting and if it's negative about the company in general.

Social Media And Personal Injury Cases: 5 Things Not To Do

Have you been injured and need to pursue a personal injury case to get the compensation you need to recover? If so, the way you handle social media right now can help or hurt that case. To help you make the choices that will prevent any damage to your claim, here are a few things to avoid doing and saying.  Don't Talk About the Accident. The wisest course before (and even after) a personal injury case is to avoid saying anything about the incident or its aftermath.

Understanding Construction Site Accidents

While most people will never endure a construction site accident, the sad truth is that all too many people will. Many people who are simply trying to make a living to support their families will become injured at work, often because of the negligence or recklessness of another party. If you have experienced a construction accident, you are not alone. You may experience an injury that is not your fault at all, and yet you are the one who is facing medical bills and lost income.

Divorce Lawyer: Collaborative Solutions

When it comes to divorces, there are no winners or losers. Working with a divorce lawyer who's will to work through problems and troubleshoot potential sticking points can minimize the cost and collateral damage. Here's how a divorce lawyer finds collaborative solutions to common divorce issues. Avoid the Courtroom Divorce lawyers who take a collaborative approach attempt to avoid courtrooms. This approach is sure to save you time and help you remain civil throughout the process.