Here's Why Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Are Different

If you or somebody you care about has been arrested for domestic violence, you may have seen that some bail bonds are specifically associated with domestic violence.

You might be wondering what makes these bail bonds different and if you should use one. Here's a look at some answers to common questions about domestic violence bail bonds and why they're different. 

Domestic Violence Bail Bond Amounts Are Usually Higher

Because domestic violence is taken so seriously, the bail amounts for these charges tend to be higher than other types of criminal charges. Compared to other criminal charges, the risks associated with domestic violence are often higher.

Unfortunately, there is a greater risk that the person will commit more violence if they are released from jail before their trial. The judge wants to have the assurance that this violence will not occur.

As a result, you may need to use a domestic violence bail bond to get the person out of jail. These bail bonds typically require a higher percentage of the bail amount, so you may have to pay more for them.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds May Have Strict Conditions

Another difference between domestic violence bail bonds and other types of bail bonds is that they may come with stricter conditions. For example, the court may require that the person surrenders any weapons they have as a condition of their release.

The court may also require that the person stay away from the victim or have no contact with them. If the person violates any of these conditions, they may be arrested again and have their bail revoked.

The Accused May Have to Attend Domestic Violence Counseling

Another condition that may be placed on a person who is out on bail for domestic violence charges is that they have to attend domestic violence counseling. This is designed to help the person deal with their anger in a constructive way and prevent them from committing more violence.

Talk to a Bail Bond Agent to Learn More

If you're posting bail for somebody who has been charged with domestic violence, be prepared to discuss these conditions with the bail bondsman. They can help you understand what you need to do to get the person out of jail and make sure they comply with the conditions of their release.

Are you unsure what kind of bail is best for your situation? A bail bond professional will ensure you pay the right bond and have the resources you need.

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