Can You Pursue A Car Accident Case If A Minor Hits You?

Car accidents can be complicated enough, but they only grow more complex when minors are involved. Even though teenagers may be able to drive, personal injury cases can grow more complex if they are at fault. 

If you were the victim of a car accident injury, you may still be able to pursue a personal injury case. Here's how your case might be different.

You May Need to Sue the Parents or Guardians

First, it is important to understand the legal age of responsibility. In most jurisdictions, minors are not held responsible for their actions until they have reached the age of majority.

That means parents or guardians will typically be liable for a minor's negligent behavior in an accident. For example, if a teenager ran a stop sign, their parents may be held legally responsible for any damages you suffered as a result.

You May Need to File Suit Sooner

The statute of limitations may also work differently in car accident cases involving minors.

If a minor is involved, you may need to file your suit earlier.

In some cases, victims must sue within the amount of time it would take the minor to reach adulthood. This is just one reason it's important to have a car accident lawyer available, to ensure you don't miss important deadlines.

You May Need to Pursue a Different Type of Damages

The types of damages you can pursue may also be affected by the age and responsibility of the other party.

In some cases, victims will seek punitive damages from drivers who have broken the law in an accident. However, this type of compensation could be reserved for adults. Your lawyer will inform you if punitive damages are a possibility in your area.

In many cases, victims can pursue damages from the parents or guardians for property damage and medical expenses. Even if they were not present at the accident, they could be responsible.

In some cases, pursuing a case against the insurance company is the best option. Your attorney will provide further guidance.

You Should Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Simply because you are pursuing a case involving a minor doesn't mean you'll be successful without a lawyer. It's important to understand the complexities of a car accident case with minors involved, and your lawyer will be able to help you navigate them.

The best thing to do if you were injured in an accident with a minor is to talk to a car accident lawyer. They'll be able to answer your questions about legal responsibility and how it might affect your personal injury case.

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