You Can Specify The Following Things When Planning Supervised Visits Of Your Children

When you and your spouse get divorced, it's possible that you'll end up with custody of your children. There are many different reasons that you may be the better choice for custody, but you may still want to allow your ex-spouse to see the children around a regular schedule. Should you feel that supervised visitation is the best approach, you can work with your divorce attorney to put together specific requirements for how these visitations will take place.

Who Gets Pet Custody In A Divorce?

Divorce can bring all sorts of contentious issues to the forefront and many of them are contentious just because of the way they affect emotions. While taking a logical and dry approach to things like child custody, visitation, debts, and property is to be commended, it may not always be possible to do so. When it comes to pets in a divorce situation things can get heated and maybe even get more difficult to deal with than that of children.

Take These Photos After You've Been Stung by Wasps at Work

If you've been stung by a wasp on the property of your employer, you probably aren't automatically thinking about taking legal action. However, if you've sustained multiple stings and your employer has known about a wasp nest on the property for some time but hasn't done anything about it, you could have a workers' compensation case. You'll want to hire an attorney who specializes in this area to evaluate your situation and determine if moving forward legally is the right decision.

Consider One Of These Plea Options In A DUI Case

When you're arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you'll want to immediately hire an attorney who specializes in representing clients facing the same situation as you. In the hours and days ahead, when your attorney assesses the arrest report and talks to you about the event in question, he or she will indicate whether you have a justifiable defense for your case.  For example, if the attorney believes that the arresting officer didn't follow protocol, the case may center around this detail, and the charges could get dropped.

What's In A Name? How To Protect Your Company's Name From Copycats

Your brand -- your company's name and identity -- really is your business. Brand identity and reputation are everything when it comes to successful marketing. That's why it's so important to make sure that you do everything you can to protect it. Otherwise, someone else could latch onto your identity using a similar (or the same) name and either ride on your success or destroy your reputation. This is what every new entrepreneur needs to know about legally protecting a company's name.