Costly Mistakes That Might Give Your Partner An Easy Win In Your Child Custody Battle

Many marriage dissolutions get complicated when parents start discussing the children's issues. Unfortunately, some seemingly minor mistakes in your child custody battle can make you lose some or all your parenting rights. That is why it's advisable to enlist the help of a lawyer when faced with a contentious child custody case. Working alongside a lawyer is crucial as it helps you evade costly mistakes you would otherwise make if you handled the case alone. Take a look at some of these mistakes below. 

Making up Stories

Typically, the judge rules on a case depending on the information the divorcing couple presents in court. Therefore, you stand a high chance of winning if you provide evidence demonstrating that you're the best parent for your children. However, you shouldn't tell lies to make your partner look bad. Doing so might get you in trouble with the court and prompt the judge to rule against you. Therefore, you must be as honest as possible when presenting your case in court. Besides that, being candid with your child custody lawyer enables them to develop suitable strategies to ensure a favorable outcome. 

Going Against Agreements

Defying agreements and court orders can make you lose some parental privileges. For instance, being late during visitations could portray you in a bad light. It could signify that you are not concerned about the welfare of your kids. Rescheduling meetings could also indicate that you are not prioritizing your kids' issues. As such, the court might grant your partner full custodianship of the kids. To avoid this, always adhere to court orders until the judge makes amendments. Compliance shows that you are a caring parent, which could evoke a desirable outcome at the end of the case. 

Failing to Consult an Attorney

Overlooking the importance of an attorney when handling a child custody case can cost you dearly. If your partner has legal representation, they will likely have the upper hand in the case. So to even the playing field, you should engage a child custody attorney as soon as the case begins. They will offer you legal advice throughout the process to shield you against costly errors. Furthermore, they will represent you in court hearings, allowing you to continue your daily routines.

The measures you take when handling a child custody battle will affect the case's outcome. Therefore, you may want to avoid the mistakes above. But, most importantly, don't fail to hire a family lawyer because child custody cases are complex and bumpy. For more information, contact a family law attorney near you.