When Your Business Is At Risk: Labor And Employment Class Action Defense

Class action employment claims can be the end of some companies. The length of time it can take to settle a class action lawsuit and the amount of money needed to defend a drawn out case can make it almost impossible to stay in business. When it comes to your company and a class action lawsuit, experience matters. A law firm that has successfully defended against all kinds of employment class action cases in a range of industries is what you need when your business is at risk.

Understanding The Three Variations Of Alimony

When a couple makes the divorce decision, financial matters take top billing. Spouses that fail to assert their rights may end up regretting it later, and alimony (also known as spousal support) is an important form of support that should not be overlooked. Commonly, rehabilitative alimony is used for younger couples. There are at least two other variations of alimony to know about, so read on. Rehabilitative Alimony Sometimes a spouse needs financial support to accomplish a goal.

Nymphomania — A Potential Cause For Divorce

If you were to confide in a friend that your wife fits the description of a nymphomaniac, you'd likely get a response that is envious. The idea of a spouse who wants sex all the time can be highly appealing to an outsider, who may attempt to dismiss you when you indicate that your wife's nymphomania is creating problems in your relationship. What might initially seem appealing can actually end up being disruptive, and you may feel as though you're heading toward a divorce because of her condition and how she handles it.

You Can Specify The Following Things When Planning Supervised Visits Of Your Children

When you and your spouse get divorced, it's possible that you'll end up with custody of your children. There are many different reasons that you may be the better choice for custody, but you may still want to allow your ex-spouse to see the children around a regular schedule. Should you feel that supervised visitation is the best approach, you can work with your divorce attorney to put together specific requirements for how these visitations will take place.

Who Gets Pet Custody In A Divorce?

Divorce can bring all sorts of contentious issues to the forefront and many of them are contentious just because of the way they affect emotions. While taking a logical and dry approach to things like child custody, visitation, debts, and property is to be commended, it may not always be possible to do so. When it comes to pets in a divorce situation things can get heated and maybe even get more difficult to deal with than that of children.