Questions To Ask When Your Business Faces Financial Trouble

If your business is having some troubles but hasn't reached the point of declaring bankruptcy, there may be some strategic moves that you can take to turn the business around. It requires a critical eye on all parts of your business spending and revenue. Here are some questions that you can ask to determine how to save the business. What Are Your Core Business Needs? The first thing to do is think about what business activities are essential right now.

Avoiding A False DUI Positive With A Breathalyzer After Using Mouthwash

The old cliché states that mouthwash can trigger a positive result in a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately this may cause you to get brought in for a DUI arrest and may even lead to a case against you. Understanding why this happens and how to fight it is crucial to avoiding a serious legal problem. Why Mouthwash Can Trip A Breathalyzer The alcohol in mouthwash is the same type of alcohol that people typically drink, so a breathalyzer doesn't discriminate between alcohol that's in your mouth from mouthwash and that from beverages.

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Dealing With A Family Law Case

If you are about to end up in family court to battle for your children or some other major issue, you're going to need a good family law lawyer on your side to help you navigate the situation. While your family law attorney can provide you with some good advice, it's also important that you prepare yourself in other ways for the battle ahead. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when talking with your family law lawyer or the judge about your family law case.

What's The Difference Between Misdemeanors And Felonies?

If you are arrested, you may want to know whether you are going to get charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. There are some things that are obviously going to be felonies, such as murder, but there are other things that you may have done that would qualify as a misdemeanor or that you and your lawyer can deal down to a misdemeanor. So what is the difference between the two?

Protect Yourself With These Fair And Carnival Safety Tips

Are you planning to go to a fair or carnival soon? If so, you are likely going for the amusement. You likely know that there are a number of amusing things to do when visiting these attractions. There are also delectable treats to indulge in. The exciting possibilities are what causes some people to overlook the potential dangers. The following are a few helpful tips to protect you when you choose these attractions for fun.