Fighting A DUI With The Right Lawyer

When dealing with driving violations, one of the worst that you can have on your record is a driving under the influence penalty. With that said, these penalties are incredibly common throughout the entire country, in that some 20 percent of drivers will get a DUI conviction one day. However, a lot of factors come into play with DUI cases, so you should never just submit to the fact that you will be convicted if you get pulled over and charged.

How To Maintain Contact With Your Grandchildren After A Child's Divorce

As the divorce rate continues to skyrocket and families that were once close become increasingly scattered about the country, maintaining a grandparent-grandchild relationship becomes even more difficult. The raw emotions of even the most civilized divorce can quickly sour relationships between the divorcing husband or wife and their in-laws — even relationships that were once warm and caring.   While this is difficult for the adults involved, it can be extremely painful for the children who lose touch with their grandparents due to power struggles and mistrust between the adults.