Facing A DWI Charge? 3 Ways A Reputable DWI Attorney Will Help You Fight It

Driving under the influence charge can damage your present career and also affect future career prospects. Whether intoxicated during the arrest or not, you will find yourself at risk of losing your driver's license and paying some hefty fines. In some instances, you could also risk a jail term. If you have a DWI charge, it is advisable to hire a competent DWI attorney soon after the arrest to help you navigate the case. Here are three ways that a reputable DWI attorney can help you fight the charge.

Advising You on When to Speak

One of the mistakes most people make when they get arrested is speaking more than they should. The arresting office or authority will administer specific tests that could include reciting the alphabet before the arrest. However, after they have established they have a good reason to arrest you, they should read the Miranda rights. It is best to keep quiet to avoid further incriminating yourself. However, you will need to speak later in the process, and what you say will impact your case in a certain way. 

To avoid unforeseen problems in the process, let a DWI attorney guide you on what to say and when to say it. A lawyer will go through the case and advise you on the statements that can help your case. They might also advise you against taking the stand because you could incriminate yourself while getting grilled by the local prosecutor. 

Formulating a Defense

The conviction rate for DWI charges is quite high. If you choose to handle the case without the legal help of a DWI attorney, you can have a hard time proving your innocence. The attorney understands what evidence can free you and the one that can complicate your case. In the absence of the evidence, the attorney will look for other issues with the prosecution procedure to get you a fair deal.

Managing Court Matters

DWI attorneys understand the local justice system better than you do. During their service period, most experienced attorneys have interacted with hundreds of prosecutors, judges, and other people that could be handling your case. They may also have dealt with bundles of cases similar to yours and won. As a civilian, you might not be familiar with the formalities followed inside the courtroom. For this reason, it's advisable to hire a competent DWI attorney to help you navigate the system and get a positive outcome.

DWI charges are tricky to navigate without the help of a seasoned DWI attorney. If you are currently facing one, let a competent attorney handle it right from the time you get arrested. These legal professionals usually have a better chance of sailing through a DWI charge without letting it damage your records.