2 Questions You May Have About Being Involved In A Semi-Truck Accident

While driving along the highway, you may have been involved in a collision with a semi-truck. Since the accident involves a vehicle much larger than yours, you may have a lot of questions about how to proceed with seeking compensation since multiple parties including the truck driver's company will be involved. If so, below are some answers to a couple of questions that you may have after being involved in an accident with a semi.

1.  What Information Do You Need to Gather at the Scene of the Accident?

One question you may have is about the information that you should gather at the scene of the accident. When two cars are involved, usually an exchange of insurance and contact information, as well as a police report, is what is needed.

However, when a semi is involved, you will need to get more information. Not only do you need the driver's contact information, but you should also get the company name and contact information as well as the identification number that is typically posted on the back of the truck or trailer. The driver should also have the company's insurance information as well as their own to provide to you.

2.  What Do You Do If You May Have Had Some Liability in the Cause of the Accident?

Another question you may have about the accident is about your liability. This is especially true if traffic or weather conditions caused you to weave in front of the truck, which may have made them lose control. In this instance, your case may fall under the comparative negligence rule if the state in which the accident occurs has one. While you are still entitled to some compensation, you may receive a reduced amount if it is decided that you had at least some involvement.

However, do not openly discuss this possibility with anyone but an attorney, as doing so could be seen as an admission of guilt. Your lawyer can help you navigate this issue if it comes up during your case.

After being struck by a semi, your head may still be swimming with questions, making it hard to know which way to turn when trying to deal with the aftermath. Instead of trying to go through the process by yourself, make an appointment for a consultation with a semi-truck accident attorney so that they can answer your questions as well as go over the details of the case to begin formulating a plan of action for getting you compensation for damages and injuries.

Reach out to a semi-truck accident attorney at a firm like the Law Office of Troy B. Jones to get started.