Why You Should Talk To A Criminal Lawyer After Your Arrest

Paying bail to get out of jail is a great first step to take after an arrest, but paying bail does not get you off the hook for the charges. The court will receive notification of the charges against you and will formally charge you with them in court. After that, you will have a process to go through for the charges. If you just got out of jail and are now facing criminal charges, talking to a criminal lawyer is the best thing you can do, as he or she will help you with your case in the following ways.

Review the arrest

The first thing a lawyer is going to do is hear your explanation of what happened and then review the information relating to your arrest. The purpose of this is to see if your rights were violated during the arrest in any way because if they were, the lawyer could likely get the charges dropped. The lawyer will look at the evidence to see if the police handled the arrest properly and legally, and if there are any problems with these things, your lawyer will work hard to fight the charges for you. If the court agrees with the lawyer and drops the charges, you will be off the hook.

Examine the evidence

If your rights were not violated and if the police did nothing wrong, the lawyer will then begin working on a defense strategy for you, and this will involve carefully reviewing all the evidence available. The first thing the lawyer will look for is to see if there is enough evidence to prove you committed the crime in question. Secondly, the lawyer will look for any evidence that could prove that you are innocent of the charges.  After doing this, the lawyer will explain to you what he or she has discovered through this examination of evidence and will help you learn what your rights are and what your options are.

Help you work out a deal with the prosecutor

The other main thing your criminal lawyer will do is work out a deal on your behalf with the prosecutor. When this occurs, you can often get a lesser charge in exchange for admitting guilt, and this is usually the best way to handle criminal charges.

It is never a wise idea to handle criminal charges on your own. Instead, you should seek legal advice and help from a criminal lawyer, as this will often offer the best results for a criminal case.

For more information, contact a lawyer who works with criminal defense law.