Remedy A Situation That Involves Being Forbidden To Spend Time With Your Grandson

If you established a strong relationship with your grandson but you are now being denied the right to spend time with him and are fearful about the child's upbringing due to his father being arrested time after time, you are probably beside yourself and are unsure of where to turn for help. It can be devastating to lose connection with a loved one, and this lack of communication can have a bearing on your grandson's life and the way that he perceives relationships. Taking action is your right to pursue.

Be Aware Of What You Are Getting Involved In

All of the states in the United States provide grandparents with some rights concerning visitation. There are even instances in which the grandparents can receive custody of their grandchildren, but this is usually only granted if the parents of a child/children are seen as unfit or if an incarceration or death is having a negative bearing on a child's livelihood. 

If visitation is your main concern or if the incarceration is the catalyst that brought you to this point, it will need to be addressed openly in court, if you decide that attending a hearing is in your best interest. Be aware that family dynamics and personal conflicts may be addressed during a hearing. You will need to remain steadfast in your beliefs during the court process if you would like to have a chance to win the battle.

Additionally, your grandson may be questioned during a court hearing. A guardian ad litem will be appointed to represent your child and this person will be in close contact with your grandson's family so that they can explore the family's dynamics and issues that may be affecting your grandson's safety. Do you think that your loved one will be able to handle the strain or do you think that your decision to take his parents to court will affect him in a negative manner?

Your lawyer will advise you concerning what to expect at a hearing. One scenario that might happen could be that you are granted the right to ask for visitation, but this does not mean that visitation will be enforced.

Look For Alternative Ways To Handle The Situation

Just because one parent is incarcerated does not mean that your grandson is at risk. Maybe he is perfectly happy and content and it is just you who is feeling threatened by the fact that you have been denied the right to see your grandchild. Meeting with a mediator or a counselor could prove to be very effective.

You will receive guidance with handling the situation and an informal meeting can be arranged, which will allow you and your grandson's parents to work out any personal issues that have been causing the disruption in your relationship with your grandson. 

For more information on grandparents' rights law, contact a lawyer.