Take These Photos After You've Been Stung by Wasps at Work

If you've been stung by a wasp on the property of your employer, you probably aren't automatically thinking about taking legal action. However, if you've sustained multiple stings and your employer has known about a wasp nest on the property for some time but hasn't done anything about it, you could have a workers' compensation case. You'll want to hire an attorney who specializes in this area to evaluate your situation and determine if moving forward legally is the right decision. A number of things, including photos, can strengthen a case of this type. In the immediate aftermath of being stung, try to take the following photos.

The Sting Site

While you shouldn't put yourself in further harm's way to take any photos, it's important to have images that depict the site of the incident. If you're able, get some photos of where you were stung. Ideally, a wasp nest will be visible, and perhaps even wasps will be visible flying around the area. In many cases, a short video clip that you can capture with your smartphone can show the flying wasps and record the sounds that they make. This photo and video can be useful in showing the scene, which can refute the employer's attorney's claims that the incident occurred off the employer's property.

Your Wounds

For most people, wasp stings are very uncomfortable but not overly serious. You may not even require medical care unless you were stung a significant number of times. It's important to take photos of the sting marks on your skin so that your attorney can show the severity of the incident. Doing so immediately after you've been stung is important, as the visual indicators of the stings will go down in the hours that follow. Try to set up your photos so that the sting marks are clear, perhaps using a video clip as well.

Lack of Warnings

Your workers' compensation case will be strong if you and/or other employees had previously reported the wasp nest to your employer but nothing was done. You'll also want to give your attorney any copies of these messages. Although an employer should get a pest removal company to deal with the situation promptly, even a makeshift sign warning people about the wasps shows some degree of responsibility. The lack of a sign, however, can suggest negligence. Some images that clearly depict that the employer hadn't put up a sign warning people about the wasps is also valuable.

Contact a workers' compensation attorney, such as Dawson & Associates, LLC, for a consultation to see if you have a strong case.