Protect Yourself With These Fair And Carnival Safety Tips

Are you planning to go to a fair or carnival soon? If so, you are likely going for the amusement. You likely know that there are a number of amusing things to do when visiting these attractions. There are also delectable treats to indulge in. The exciting possibilities are what causes some people to overlook the potential dangers. The following are a few helpful tips to protect you when you choose these attractions for fun.

Wear the right shoes.

Many of these are held in unpaved areas. This leaves the risk for people to injure themselves as a result of trips and falls, which may occur due to debris on the ground, unlevel ground, broken glass, or muddy conditions. Flat soled closed toe shoes are a good choice for these events. 

Do not get on rides if you do not meet the weight or height restrictions.

Weight and height restrictions are posted at the entrance of rides to ensure safety. If you get on a ride knowing that you exceed the maximum or do not meet the minimum requirements, injuries may occur. Sometimes employees at these events ask people for their measurements. It is best to be honest because if you lie and an injury occurs, you might be fully or partially liable for the injuries. 

Watch food preparation and determine if there are risk issues present. 

These events may occur during warm weather, which means that there is a chance for food poisoning. Workers who handle cash and food without washing or sanitizing their hands may increase the chances of foodborne illness. Observe for signs of pests such as roaches, ants, or flies which can all contaminate food. It may be a good idea to avoid food stands that prepare food in advance. This is because it can be difficult to tell how long it has been since the food was cooked. 

Report accidents and get a contact number before you leave.

If you injure yourself at one of these events, you need to report the incident. It is also important to get the name and number of someone in charge of the event. Sometimes this may be a local individual who recruited the fair or carnival to your area. You need this type of information in the event that you need to get medical bills paid. Keep in mind some food poisoning symptoms do not appear until several days after contaminated food was consumed. This means that you may want to get contact information if you eat at one of these events even if you do not feel sick. A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use if you get sick or injured.