Five Consequences Of A DUI Conviction That You May Not Have Considered

If you've been charged with DUI, you likely know that a conviction on this charge could carry with it a fine, probation and even jail time. You may even have considered that, if convicted, your auto insurance rates are likely to increase considerably. However, these consequences aren't the only things that can happen as a result of a DUI conviction.

Hidden consequences of a DUI

1. You could lose your company car...or even your job. If you drive a car that's leased by your company, for instance if you're a sales person or executive, you could very well lose the use of the vehicle if you are convicted of a DUI offense. The company that handles the leasing for your employer probably has stringent driving record requirements for those who use their cars. In addition, if your job requires that you drive, such as a delivery person or sales person, losing your driving privileges could cause you to lose your job.

2. Your other insurance rates could increase. A DUI conviction can also cause you to pay more for your life, homeowners and boat insurance. Insurance companies base their rates of risk and a DUI conviction will likely cause them to detemine that you are a higher risk.

3. You may pay higher interest rates on loans...or be denied a loan. Banks, like insurance companies, are in the business of measuring risk. The higher the risk they feel you are, the more your loan will cost. If they feel you are an excetionally poor risk, as might happen with multiple DUI convictions, they may deny you a loan all together.

4. You may have fewer educational options. Schools, too, take a harsh look at DUI offenses. With a DUI on your record, you may not get into that university you had your heart set on attending and/or you may be turned down for the scholarship you thought was a sure thing.

5. You might have to curtail your travel plans. A DUI conviction can also cause you to be denied entry into another country or be denied a travel visa. Canada is particularly strict about allowing those with DUI convictions on their records to enter their country.

While it may seem prudent to save a few dollars and defend yourself in court on your DUI charge, this is rarely a good decision. As you can see, the consequences of such a conviction can follow you for years to come. It's important to retain the services of a good traffic lawyer, like one from Taylor Bayona Law Firm, so you can minimize the long-range ramifications of your DUI arrest.