What's The Correlation Between Car Type And Insurance Premiums? Car Accidents

If you recently purchased a car, you know that providing all that new information to your auto insurance company is a hassle. That's partly because you know that your rates could very well increase. Why do car insurance premiums increase so steadily when you purchase certain types of cars? It's all because of your likelihood of getting into a car accident.

How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Premiums vary from case to case; however, insurance is often based on the cost of a car if it is totaled or stolen. Additionally, vehicles are expensive to repair. Your rate is likely to increase if your car is more likely to be stolen than others too. Of course, the number of injury claims for that type of car is also called into question.

Large Vehicles

The lowest rate of injury claims from car accidents comes from those in large cars, sport-utility vehicles, and pickup trucks.

On the other hand, some SUVs do have high insurance rates. This is likely because SUV owners make up such a large portion of insured drivers, as well as the fact that they tend to be more expensive than other vehicles. SUVs are also more commonly stolen than other types of vehicles. SUVs are also very expensive to repair following a car accident, especially if the four-wheel drive was damaged in the collision.


Unfortunately, the highest injury claims come from small two and four-door cars. Not only do these cars have the highest number of claims for injuries, but they also offer the highest collision costs.

Sports Cars

Much like small sedans, sports cars offer extremely high costs for collisions. Insuring a sports car can cost more than double the amount of insurance for a sedan or larger vehicle. Of course, sports cars also have a reputation for driving too quickly and not offering enough protection in case of an accident.

What If My Car Is Likely to be in an Accident?

If you discover that your car is more likely than other types of vehicles to get in an accident, you need to be prepared. Having a car accident lawyer on hand allows you to fight for your rights in court. Because a large vehicle offers more protection than small sedans, those inside the smaller cars can face serious injury costs. You may need to fight for compensation you deserve if insurance just isn't cutting it. A car accident lawyer steps in to ensure that your rights are maintained. Contact a business, such as Littman & Babiarz Law Office for more information.