Lead Poisoning From Your Rental Space: Hire A Lawyer Fast

Have you lived in a rental space throughout your pregnancy and with your newborn and recently discovered your child has lead poisoning? If so, you need talk with a personal injury lawyer about your case.

Lead poisoning affects hundreds of thousands of children in America annually, and it's not fair your child was affected because of landlord negligence. There a few things that you'll need to provide as evidence for your case when you talk with a lawyer.

Medical Evidence

Your child must have gone to a physician and been diagnosed with lead poisoning. Their symptoms could have been concerns about mental or physical development, organ problems, anemia and more. You should have records from all of the doctor's appointments and lab work.

You will want to have a letter from your child's physician that states your child has the condition and how it is currently affecting their life. You also want the doctor to explain the future expenses and permanent damage you could face. This is all valuable evidence a judge will want to see.

Physical Evidence

The lead was most likely in the paint around the living space, but could be in many other materials as well. The drywall, flooring and plaster could all be polluted. Your lawyer will want to have an inspection company come to the property to test different materials inside of the home.

You don't want your landlord to know that you are doing this, because they may try to stop the inspectors, or prevent the case from developing. Once you have the evidence you need that proves there is lead throughout the living space, and you can link it to your child's condition, your lawyer will be ready to put together a settlement for your landlord, or take them to court.

There are very strict laws that rental property owners must obey when they allow people to rent their facilities. If you and your child were exposed to lead and you weren't warned that there could be any type of problem when you signed your lease, you want to be compensated. You want to be compensated for medical bills that you have to deal with now, for the money you paid for rent, and for the potential expenses you're going to have because of the lead. Talk with a lawyer like those at Tarkowsky & Piper Co. LPA right away to get your case started.